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Changes coming to

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Changes coming to

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Dear members, is a labour of love. Much like the workouts, maintaining is simple but requires effort.
The community has been using phpBB forums since it's inception 15 years (!!!) ago.
It's time to move on to something more modern and maintainable.

In this spirit, the main site was migrated to Wordpress a while back. Since then, we've been trying out different approaches to themes, structure, ad policy, etc. This is still ongoing, but it has come very far already. It makes sense to use a more compatible forum system, to minimize maintenance and maximize a consistent experience.

As such, we are migrating phpBB to bbPress.
You can see the ongoing migration test efforts here:

We are still working on the user login and management parts of this, so bear with us. More details coming soon.
The plan is to disable posts and registrations on the old boards from 1 Jan 2022 onwards.
The migration should import all posts from the community into the new system, but we will keep the old board around for nostalgia.

We look forward to your feedback on the new forums, the new theme and any other ideas on how to improve the Simplefit community and experience.