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gym club

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My husband tells me that I should join a women's health club because the exercise equipment there is more suited for women's bodies. I don't believe him. I think the only difference is that men are not allowed to join at the women's club (like Curve's) while you'll find both women and men at the regular health clubs like Gold's gym, Bally's, Fitness Connection. Please someone confirm for me if there is any other difference. I also feel that if I join a women's only club, there will be less variety of equipment and less classes for me to participate in than if I join a regular health club/gym.
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Re: gym club

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I would agree with you. I suspect that the main reason many ladies join a women-only gym is so that they don't have to put up with guys staring at them/trying to pick them up all the time. I know many gyms are a meat market and many women do not want to put up with it. If you are able to deal with that, then I say join a regular gym. As far as equipment is concerned, why can't a woman use free weights like men if she wants to? One of the biggest fringe benefits of the crossfit movement is to show that women can (and should, IMO) use free weights. If they are physically able to use free weights and bodyweight exercises, I think they'll see far more benefit from that than using piston-driven "ladies" machines. There's also a greater sense of accomplishment working out this way, which applies to both men and women. For the record, I'm a male my judgement may be flawed :)
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