What is your argument for simplefit

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What is your argument for simplefit

Post by boosted »

Hi all! All around the web people seem to nay say simplefit. They say things like it wont help build muscle, it has too much repetitiveness, you can injure yourself, etc... What arguments do you all have FOR simplefit? Mine is that it is easy to follow and stick with.
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Re: What is your argument for simplefit

Post by Bri3626 »

Hmmm, didn't see you post this but I can throw a few opinions in on this one heh.

1. Good place to start for a beginner.
2. Good place to start for anyone laid off from their sport/program
3. good adjunct to a sport and allows progression into more crosstraining workouts
4. Teaches discipline for a beginner.
5. Promotes fitness and improvement of fitness.
6. Decreases the effects of aging and the associated diseases that come with it. (of course most any sport does this but hey its Simplefit we are talking about)
7. These three exercises alone can prepare the novice to intermediate athlete for doing Crossfit as they are staple exercises of that program. (how many times have you seen someone in a gym look truly fit and not able to do that many pullups? I've seen a lot)
8. If done right it should be injury free.
9. Promotes strength, endurance, improves metcons, improves flexibility somewhat.
10. Best part- Cost is minimal, easy to do, allows for increasing difficulty to improve which further boosts the confidence of the user.
11. Boosts brain power (say what?). yep I said it. Multiple studies out there show that exercising regularly increase your ability to reason, remember, and concentrate. Simplefit is an excellent program to further improve your brain cells.

To the naysayers:

Whats the problem? This program is an excellent introduction into fitness and I challenge anyone to do it regularly and as Kevin prescribes http://www.simplefit.org/workout.html. You will improve if you put effort into it. You want to be a bodybuilder, powerlifter, marathoner? Why are you considering Simplefit? There are a ton of tried and proven training programs for those. If thats what you want go find the experts in those programs and train for your sport. Want a good adjunct for your sport that improves conditioning, endurance, and develops discipline? Try Simplefit. Try Crossfit.
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Re: What is your argument for simplefit

Post by mr_fro2000 »

I think the best argument for simplefit is that it is the best beginner program out there.

'Working out' is very intimidating, esp for people that have never, or haven't exercised in a long time. With simplefit, you can go from zero to working out in literally 1 afternoon. No "gym or no gym" decisions... no scarybody builders all around you... no uncertainty w/ fiddling w/ weights... no long-drawn books to read.

Simply get online--> follow directions--> profit.

In addition, because it is so simple, it is easy to do consistently (maintain) for a long time. I know way many people that went from zero to something like p90x to stopping b/c of scheduling, intensity and general burnout. Is simplefit 'slower' than other programs? Perhaps... but it progression and pace set you up for a "lifestyle of fitness" vs "get ripped, life gets hard, stop working out, get fat again."
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Re: What is your argument for simplefit

Post by KTG »

1. Emphasizes what are widely acclaimed as the three most important functional exercises.
2. Very efficient - just 20 minutes three times per week.
3. Cheap -- all you need is a pull-up bar (oh, and a towel if you sweat like I do)
4. Clear performance metrics make it easy to track your progress and to compare to others.
5. Strong and supportive community
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Re: What is your argument for simplefit

Post by martinus »

It's simple, effective, and motivating. It's awesome to log progress and see how you improve and level up over time.
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Re: What is your argument for simplefit

Post by Pilgrim1312 »

1. Simplefit's use of compound bodyweight movements translate well into functional strength, endurance and well being. Whether one needs to carry groceries up a flight of stairs, chase down a felon, or stave off heart disease, the protocol in simplefit will get you there

2. Anyone can start it, afford it and continue with it. The graduated progressions minimal expense make it accessible for beginners with no money and challenging to folks who have been exercising for years.
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Re: What is your argument for simplefit

Post by jivex5k »

The biggest factors for me:
1. Minimal Equipment needed, just a pull-up bar.
2. It works!

I don't know what people are saying you won't build muscle on this program, by I sure as hell am. My arms are freaking big now, and my chest is actually a man's chest and not a bird's chest now. Hell, I'm in the best shape of my life because of this program, and I joined the Marine Corps when I was 18.

Logging my progress made a huge difference though, before I was doing this without logging and I stayed in the same shape.

Once I began keeping track it motivated me to improve slightly every week, and bit by bit you improve a lot. I started at level 4, on level 6 now, probably will hit 7 in another month or so.

So glad I found this website...I never felt comfortable in a gym, don't like the machines and weights and strangers, and I hate running! (did enough in the military lol) This workout is a perfect fit for me.

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