Does sf increase your one set pullups ?

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Does sf increase your one set pullups ?

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Hi everybody,

it's me again and I'm here with a couple of more questions.

My situation: I just started a new job so everything is a bit stressed today and I don't have too much time at the moment. Anyway, I want to stay/become fit and I thought about the following:

Simplefit with focus on pullups. This is because I'm sitting at the desk the whole day and my posture needs to be fixed anyway. Additionally I plan to to the pushups hindu style. Maybe I'll substitute the pullups with body-rows from time to time just to hit the back from another angle and keep things interesting.

On the other 3 - 4 days, I will do sth. according to my energy/motivation levels, but mainly stuff for my posture and maybe for the back of the legs or a bit conditioning - I thought about DSRs, Rock-up-Squats, Jogging, Sprinting ... just like my mood is.

My question is the following: it has been a long term goal of me to hit 20 clean reps on the wide overhand pullups (currently my max is about 12, but of course perfect form). I could use e.g. the Armstrong pullup programm monday till friday but things tend to get complicated then and I'd rather do one schedule instead of two or even three.
So my question is: can you increase your one set max. in the wide grip pullup by "just" doing sf three times a week ? What is your experience ?

Thanks in advance and all the best !