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Recommendations welcome

Post by saelder71 »

I'm 42, weighing in at about 170 lbs on a 5'9" frame. I'm a former ice hockey player, wrestler and long distance runner, however I've been sans exercise for about 2 yrs now, apart from chasing my smaller kids (ages 1, 3 & 6) around the backyard.
So -- here I am gaining weight as I sit at my desk wondering how in the world I can return to the slim and athletic build I had just 15 years ago...
I love food, but maintain a healthy diet -- honestly, I'd just like to gain back the muscle that I've lost over the years of sitting and dismiss the "pudge" that appeared after my 40th birthday.

Is the circuit training that is recommended here the best approach?

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Re: Recommendations welcome

Post by Pilgrim1312 »

"Best approach" is a lofty thing to claim. This program has some real benefits that I would be happy to talk about.

1. It is, well...simple. A small investment in a door frame mounted pull up bar is all one needs to start working. I have spent much more money on stuff that produces far less benefit.
2. It is easy to fit into most schedules. I get up 1/2 hour early three days a week and bust out my workouts. I have a feeling of accomplishment all day and a great reminder to eat right.
3. It works, really well. I'm 42 and very familiar with the battle of the bulge. The intensity of work and the focus on multi joint compound exercises helps me keep my waist under 34". Pulse and B/P are extremely healthy.
4. You will develop a functional strength and endurance without injuring yourself.
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