Greetings everyone!

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Greetings everyone!

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Since I don't see any introduction thread or board here so I hope introducing myself here is legit? So anyway...
Hi everyone! I'm Antonio, 23 years old, from England. I'm currently working as writer and due to my work's nature, I work before computer for a really long time. Recently I sense that my body is getting weaker and I was thinking it's better if I start to work out to get my body back to shape.
Besides my work, I mostly prefer games, listening to guitar songs, sometimes I also do tarot reading.
I hope to learn and share my experience with you guys. Thanks!
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Re: Greetings everyone!

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Greetings Antonio!
You did the right thing by introducing yourself here. I think your situation is very common amongst most that practice SimpleFit.
Now, go start with D1L1 and report in!
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