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Yeah, but you did it. It was a PR - no matter what. The next time, you beat it. Did you look at mine? On Murph, you are allowed to partition the work however you want. I do Cindy rounds - 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats until I've met the totals. I am a runner these days tho, so my time shows that. I went from not running a full 400 about a year ago to a 22min PR on a 5k and, just last week doing 2 miles in 13 minutes - 6:30 miles! Keep at it!


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Thanks so much zorg and vbm. It feels great knowing I have some senior members keeping their eye on me and my progress. And dont get me wrong, I am proud that I completed a puppy murph, just a little disappointed in my running abilities. Oh well, it just gives me that much more room to advance. Im going to really try to keep up with running a bit this week while Im still training L5. If I feel fairly confident in my range of motion tomorrow, L5D1, i might just record L5D2 with rings and L5D3 without for your critique
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Getting feedback is pretty important, imo. And competing with yourself is the best thing to do, again imo.

Keep it up!

("senior"... grin)

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Thanks Zorg!

L5D1 Repeat:
Max Rds in 20 minutes of:
3 Pull ups (good form)
5 Push ups (rings)
8 Squats

20 rds in just under 20 minutes.

Notes: Pull ups were almost all easy. Push ups were challenging, but not devastating like the first week I tried L5D1 with rings. Seeing lots of good progress in my abilities and even physical appearance. Thanks SF!
After that......

Cardio: Long Slow Development

0.5 laps for endurance
Time: 4:45

Note: Cramped up a bit halfway into the first lap in my calf, that sucked. So I paused my timer and stopped and stretched out for about a minute before I got back to it. I'll be sure to eat a banana tonight for tomorrows cardio: Controlled High Intensity.

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L3D2 advanced today. Went okay. Thought I might have the strength to do ring dips, I was wrong. Went for 15 minute uphill walk, rested 7 minutes, 15 minute walk uphill again. Cant wait for tomorrow!
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austin wrote:And Holllllllllllllly crap! I knew that the rings would make push ups a bit harder, but I had NO IDEA this hard!
So I decided to try push ups with home made rings today. What a surprise. I can do 40 regular push ups in one set but I was hard pressed to do 6 push ups from the rings. I have them suspended from my pull up bar and about 4 inches from the ground. Stability muscles have to work very hard. I don't think I will replace all push ups with ring push ups but they will certainly have a place in my routines.

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Yeah, no kidding huh? Same thing happened to me though. Ive hit a plateau with my pull ups, so I started using the rings to make my push ups harder and I've actually noticed that they've improved my quality of pull ups at the top of the ascent (getting the chin over the bar).

As far as my wod tonight goes (L5D2), not sure if anyone reading this should expect anything stellar. I work in a winery and cellar. Today I worked for 8.5 hours on the bottling line. My duty on the bottling line is by large margin, the hardest physically. I take these 36 lb cardboard cases of wine from the line that sits at about hip height, and from there I either pick these heavy cases up, flip them, then set them on a pallet on the floor; OR I have to pick them up, flip them, then press them just over shoulder height. All of this is with my arms extended, mind you. One case = 36lbs, one pallet = 56 cases, we made 20 pallets today. So Im hurting. Might skip on the rings for push ups. Check back later.
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I was thinking of posting something about how your job affects your work outs. I'm a programmer so I spend upwards of 10 hours a day at a desk. I find that this really impacts my energy levels. If I'm doing renos around the house on the weekend, or doing something else where I keep moving I find my energy levels are a lot higher and this translates into better workouts. Part of me is toying with the idea of quitting my current job and pursuing one where I'm actually moving around. And also have to mention, awesome progress :)
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It sounds like you might need a bigger change than this, but have you considered reconfiguring your desk/workstation/cubicle so that you can stand instead of sit?

I did it a few years back, just to keep myself a bit more mobile through the day, and I am quite happy with it.

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Yeah my job definitely effects my training. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. Today was day 3 on the bottling line, ugh! 19 pallets x 56 cases x 36 lbs/case = ridiculous.

Scumdog, thank you for the props, first of all. And I know a few things I've picked up at this job to help keep my energy levels high for those post work training days. For example I'll stretch my back and legs often while Im sitting for a good amount of time. When I happen upon an area I have to myself for a second or two, I'll do a couple a.t.g. squats with a good stretch at the bottom. Let's see..... I also find a broom something and I'll do those shoulder dislocate stretches for a few seconds. Whenever I get a break, or even if its a good time for a small bathroom break, I'll do a bit more in depth stretches to keep my circulation good and to stay loose. If these arent applicable in your situation, I know I always see articles addressing this EXACT issue at I guess guys that work in offices and also happen to train are their target market?

Notes on my training. Forgive SFers, for I have sinned! It has been two days since my last wod! You know what my original excuse was yesterday, the bottling line. Well on my way to the girlfriends' house, I happened to run into my best friend that's home from Bahrain in the army. So of course I HAD to go chill with him for the night. He brought a bottle of absinthe he smuggled from Germany, that was a barrel of fun! He showed me all the special forces hand-to-hand combat he's learned and their PT techniques, which are ABOUT the same as CF HAHA! Of course, I had to go into my truck and show him, his brother, and some other close friends of ours my rings. I was shocked to find I was the only one out of us that could use the rings sufficiently for dips or pushups. This was a pretty weird thing because my friend has always been stronger than me when it came to metcon and especially bodyweight training. Everyone loved the challenge the rings offered, Im pretty sure I sold a couple of the guys on them haha. I ended up staying there with him till around 330am, went to sleep, got back on the bottling line today at 700am. Thought I was going to die. Got back to the gf's house tonight and have just been napping on and off, resting for tomorrow, bottling line again. So I'll be trying L5D3 tomorrow, but not expecting to pass it yet. Oh well.

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Aggghhhh! So sorry guys! I've been just working and hanging out with my best friend who's home from the middle east, so I've been pretty much completely laying off of SF since the end of last week. Ugh! I regret not trying to fit SF into my schedule more though! So I tried L5D3 today, damn it I REALLY should have trained more this week! Pull ups were a bit weak after the 20th rep; 5,5,5,5,2,2,1. Push ups werent bad 26, 25. Squats too. Total time 5:36, Damn it!!!!
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I would just consider it an "off" week and be glad your friend is home safely! As hard as all of us are working here, a break is allowable. Just stay focuses and you'll be back in your groove in no time!

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L5D1 repeat (late post) 22 rounds in 20 minutes. Slow progress, ugh.
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it might be slow austin, but it's progress nevertheless!!!

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Im still alive guys. Been so busy with work lately, (pouring concrete, installing 6 ton tank on a mountain) and exhausted that the idea of training only really hit me today. WAS going to after work, then I got nailed in the left testical with a big rock by my gf (she claims she was trying to hit my stomach). The impact actually sent me to my hands and knees and i couldnt hold back from screaming and yelling, even tho we were in a small crammed neighborhood on the sidewalk. Ive never been hit so badly in that region. And I say that with a history of a constant barrage of similar highjinks all through high school. It had me crawling on my hands and knees, puking for about 20 minutes. Then I had to drive out of there before they called the cops, of course I drive a stickshift, so that made me scream more. I was pretty much in tears for the better part of an hour until I got some ice under ol' lefty.

In other news, I have a job interview tomorrow for a potentially SWEET job. Im sure because Ill be putting in a half-day at the winery, I'll have enough energy to train tomorrow. Standby for L5D2 (Kip pull ups this week, ring push ups) guys.
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