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Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:05 am
by Neilfenstein
I am thinking about having a rest week this week, since I am now of a level to drop down it would be a novelty lol! I have only just gone up some levels and I have had time off but not rest weeks as such.

However, I don't know what the focus is meant to be. Is it still to go as hard as you can but on a lower level or should I take it easy and lower the level?

I was interested to try and beat all my personal bests for level 1! But was not sure if that was in keeping with the "resting" week mentality.

I was also hoping for it to be easier and give me a chance to fulfill my cardio quota for once! By starting the habit of non SF day cardio.

Any advice welcome!?!

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:41 am
by Neilfenstein
21/06/2010 L1 - D1 (Rest Week) Week 25

OK went ahead with a rest week!

Completed 36 round in 20 mins and all of them Dead Hang Pull Ups!

New PR 36 rounds D1
New PR 36 pull ups in a session!

May be tempted to try Pull up on D1 when I return to level 3 to aid my D3 goal I will see how my elbows fair tomorrow!!

not sure on rest week

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:11 pm
by smooth
Not sure about an answer for you on the rest week. When I've dropped down, I've gone all out.

Code: Select all

Normal         Rest
Weeks 1-5   -- Week 6: L1
Weeks 7-10  -- Week 11: L2
Weeks 12-15 -- Week 16: L3
For me, it's been just right. I've been incrementing the rest week levels each time. That should make for an interesting L6 rest week.

Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:53 pm
by Neilfenstein
Thanks smooth as you can see I went ahead and did level 1 pretty much flat out and it worked out well. I am so pleased with todays result I will try my D1's as pull ups starting next week in stead of horizontal body rows.

I did 36 pull ups which at level 3 is 18 rounds which I doubt I'll manage with the extra push ups but if I could squeeze out 34 pull ups I would equal last weeks attempt of 17 rounds. I would also get a better workout on the pull ups for D3.

Practice makes perfect lol!

I will probably do a similar thing and stick a couple of levels below where I am at.

Thanks for the advice! :wink:

Posted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:23 pm
by Neilfenstein
23/06/2010 L1 - D2

I completed this in 3.21

26/06/2010 L1 - D3

I was amazed to complete this in 1.45!

Back to level 3 tomorrow, I'm gonna try and do dead hang pull ups for all sets to hopefully improve my D3 capacity. I can currently manage 7/8 in one go max (which is amazing don't get me wrong) but to get my time better on D3 I would like to improve this.[/u]

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:48 pm
by Neilfenstein
28/06/2010 L1 - D1 Week 26 (half a year woo!)

Did the rounds as dead hang pull ups (instead of horizontal body rows) and managed 20 in 20 mins!

New PR 20 reps Level 3 D1
New PR 40 pull ups in one session.

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Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:18 am
by Neilfenstein
30/06/2010 L3 - D2

Managed the routine today in 4.02 approx. 3 minutes rest time.

03/07/2010 L3 - D3

I messed this up as I didn't properly press the start button, after seven pull ups I needed to get down from the bar, at this point I checked my time an realized I hadn't started the stopwatch! I then started the the stopwatch and completed in 4.17. I then timed myself doing 7 chin ups (couldn't do any more pull ups) at the same pace and finished in 30 seconds.

So I think I may have levelled up but I since I am not sure I will carry on at level three and try and get the timer right next week!!

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Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:37 pm
by Neilfenstein
5/07/2010 L3 - D1

Banged out 22 rounds tonight another good step forward.

New PR - reps @ level 3
New PR - total pull ups in session 44

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Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:59 pm
by Neilfenstein
7/07/2010 L3 - D2

I completed todays workout with all DH pull ups in a time of 3.22.

Another great 40 second improvement over last week.

Its funny really because some times it just feels like its going really slow but you get a better time.

I like timing the D2 work out as you get a good guage of the improvement in time to spur a healthy effort on D3!

I should definitely (hopefully) make the 5 minutes this Friday, well, heres hoping anyway!


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Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:24 pm
by Neilfenstein
9/07/2010 L3 - D3

I completed in 4.18 - Level Up to Level 4

Scared of level 4 though, everyone says its hard!

So happy, at level one could not believe I would ever be able to do a proper pull-up let alone be at level 4 :shock: Not bad got to level 4 in just over 6 months! keep on going I think lol!

Cheers for the support guys and gals!

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Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:22 pm
by Neilfenstein
12/07/2010 L4 - D1 Week 28

Managed 20 reps today, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, should have set my timer for 21-22 rounds! Shame I think I had some in the tank for an extra round at least! Oh well first week at L4 so D2 & D3 may be a struggle yet, not kidding my self D3 is going to be tough! 4 extra pull ups :shock:

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Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:49 pm
by Neilfenstein
D2 - Not done as I went kitesurfing.

16/07/2010 L4 - D3

Struggled with this weeks workout, first on at level 4 took me 6.55. Sheesh quite a big step up from level 3!

19/07/2010 L4 - D1 Week 29

Pushed really hard today and managed 25 rounds in 20mins, quite achey now. Pleased with the outcome as I got 5 more rounds than last week!

Re: Neilfensteins Log

Posted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:04 pm
by Neilfenstein
Big update, been slack with my logging.

21/07/2010 L4 - D2

Completed all dead hang

24/07/2010 L4 - D3

Pushed hard, shaved off 6 seconds, 6.49.

26/07/2010 L4 - D1 Week 30

26 rounds Ouch!!

28/07/2010 L4 - D2

Again all done dead hang.

30/07/2010 L4 - D3

Tried to take my time as I have managed faster times before when not pushing hard and added a minute to my time :( 7.55 :shock: :? :(

I have been tired and really am struggling with level 4. I realised it has been 6 weeks since a rest week.


03/08/2010 L2 - D1 Week 31

Managed 32 rounds, new personal record for level 2.

Re: Neilfensteins Log

Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:21 am
by Neilfenstein
05/08/2010 L2 - D2 Week 31(Continued)

Improved times and better form all round approximately 20 seconds a set better than my previous L2 - D2 best.

07/08/2010 L2 - D3 Week 31(Continued)

Under 5 minutes easily, was just finishing when my phone rang and I time on my phone, Doh!

09/08/2010 L4 - D1 Week 32
After a post in the training section, I decide to back off on the number of reps and refocus on form.

I set my timer for 25 sets in 20 min and got 23 missed a couple on the later half to recover.

I found that tonight, when focusing on technique, I have been cheating :oops: a bit when doing my first pull up by not completely lifting my feet and giving a slight push as a kick start. It is not much but I think this may not be helping me get the full benefit from D1 as half of the pull ups are ever so slightly assisted. May also be a reason for my max pull up capability being lower than I would like. Any way, I definitely felt the extra effort needed to do the first pull up so I think it is still progress. I also read the post about push ups and attempted to check my form on push ups too.

So overall a good session, I think if I concentrate on form for a while my muscles will gain ability any way so I don't mind losing out on overall reps.

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Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:11 am
by Ruli
I think if I concentrate on form for a while my muscles will gain ability any way so I don't mind losing out on overall reps
that is my thinking as well neil. i know SF is about max reps and quickest time, but every now and again i take just one week and concentrate completely on form (niot throwing the challenge of reps and time out the window though!)