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Iron Feather's goals and progress

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Hello everyone, another newbie reporting in. I first heard of Simplefit on a martial arts board, in a thread about crossfit. So I googled it and after reading Cheapo's excellent SF thread at Mark's daily apple decided to give it a go. I have some martial art and gym background, but working in shifts and having a family sort of restricts those hobbies. Also, I have always liked the idea of using pure bodyweight for complete fitness, but I haven't come across of a decent progression, until now. So here we go! :D


Male, 34 years
178 cm, 102 kg
BMI : 32.19
Waist: 106 cm

89 kg, waist 90-95 cm.
(that's 28 BMI. Of course the ideal goal would be less than 25, but let's get to sub 30 first)
Able to do 10 pull-ups in a row.
More power and health!

So I did L1D1 a day before yesterday and managed to do 44 rounds. Today I'll do L1D2 even though my legs are killing me!
I thought that the pull-ups would be more of a problem (my max reps is maybe 3 or 4). But then I must admit that I sort of jumped into them on several rounds. Hard to keep things controlled when you are racing against time. :) But I'll try to do them super slow and controlled today. Promise.