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Aerials322 Goals

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Hello everyone. My name is Nathan, Im 22 and I stumbled upon this sight through researching workout routines on MarksDailyApple and was really intrigued by the idea behind this workout regimen. Im currently in the Air Force and going through tech school so I have a lot of free time on my hands but I want to get a little bit bigger and was looking for a good workout routine that wasnt about pumping my body full of whey protein and creatine all day. I was moderately primal eater before I went to basic ( the effort was there but I wasnt 100% or where I would like to have been ) but during basic and since getting here Ive gone a bit off track. My only real option for food is what they serve us at the dining facility and nothing there is organic and its hard to find meat that isnt in some sort of sauce or gravy but Ive been trying to make due with big breakfasts since they always have hard boiled eggs and bacon as well as fruit. I usually try to get some sort of non deep fried anything I can for the other meals but thats proving to be a challenge. The salad bar here is something I can count on but once again non organic but its the best I can do. Ive started taking 1 or 2 extra fish oil to counteract the Omega 6 heavy meats. As far as fitness goes Im decently fit. 5'11 and I weigh 155lb but I would really like to bulk roughly 10lbs and cut out some extra fat I have as well. Im going to start the workouts on Monday and log my process on this site. I find it helps keep me motivated if I feel like other people are tracking my progress as well. Im a strong believer in the Primal Ideology and I think theres no better way to get physically fit than to use your own body weight, I doubt our ancestors were bench pressing logs and focusing on Shoulders Monday, Ches Tuesday, Triceps Wednesday etc... So this really appeals to me and Im excited to get started and keep my tracking going on here. Thanks for reading my goals
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Re: Aerials322 Goals

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Welcome Aerials and good luck. It's a lot of fun doing simplefit especially as you progress.
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