Diana's log and goals

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Diana's log and goals

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Hi guys!
I was recommended this regime by someone on MarksDailyApple.com and I really like what I saw, so here I am!
Today was the beginning of my third full week. I had done a day here and there for about 2 weeks prior but I didn't have a pull up bar so I was doing sit-ups instead. I finally got a pull up bar with attached straps and handles which is exactly what I wanted, since I can't do a full pull up. I've decided to just do the 3 days/week right now. In the past, I say to myself "I'm going to work out and get in shape!" and then it all crumbles because I can't keep up with the expectations that I have for myself. After loosing weight counting calories, gaining it back and starting to become bulimic (on top of my already difficult compulsive over eating, which oddly enough, primal has nearly eliminated), I decided I never wanted to do that again. I am focusing right now on sticking to this program, until I get into a regular, non-threatening routine and then I want to slowly add more days of other exercise.
I've been on and off primal for about 6 months. I mess up now and then, but I keep going back. Its difficult sometimes but I feel a lot better. I think its really cool that my tastes in food have changed. I don't like regular candy (I'm a chocoholic, so m&ms, etc) anymore. It tastes like plastic. I'm paying attention more to what my body wants and that's a really cool feeling. I am working towards a Whole 30. Haven't gotten there yet, the most I seem to be able to do is a couple days to a week and that's depressing, but I'm still determined.

As for my goals, I want to do a real pull up and a one handed push-up.(for now) Obviously, I want to lose weight. A lot of it. Currently, I'm 5'9" and 308. I want to get to 200 and see where I am. I have a pretty big frame (Like an ox. I'm not kidding) so I think that's a reasonable weight. Especially since my body builds and holds on to muscle fairly easily, I know I'll never get to the 160ish those stupid BMI charts say I should be.

My workout today was L5D1. I did 18 rounds. I think I've gotten to 22 before. I'm really tired today and I had a little bit of wheat in some noodles at a bbq yesterday so my head is feeling dizzy and stuffy. Ug, not worth the lethargy.
Thanks guys!