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Reed913's Goals

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I'm not sure I really have a goal -- that probably isn't good. Anyway for now I'm just gonna concentrate on Simplefit and move forward with that. I'm not adding anything else.


48 year old male
Height 5'9
Weight: varies between 164 - 170 max

When I look at some of those BMI calculators it seems like I'm overweight or my body fat is too high probably which I do believe.I would guess that I could lose a few pounds. I don't really look bulky except around the middle.

Prior workout experience. Lots of things -- little success. I am now in week 6 of working out and this has been the longest I have ever done anything. Week 1 of Simplefit done. I plan on keeping Simplefit as my primary workout.
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Re: Reed913's Goals

Post by art50 »

Hi Reed913!

Like you I haven't ever really managed to maintain a consistent work out plan for more than a few weeks; however, I think just having the goal of sticking with Simplefit and a consistent weekly schedule is an awesome goal. As you stay with a program for longer you might find you will develop more goals whether that may be in strength, endurance, mobility, diet, weight etc, but for now starting simple and sticking with it is a great.

Hopefully someone with more experience in both fitness and Simplefit can contribute more guidance if you would like, but best of luck. Consistency and patience are the key!
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