Can One "Get Huge" on Simplefit?

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Can One "Get Huge" on Simplefit?

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Hi, Simplefit Community!

Long-time Simplefitter (well, for a year now), first-time poster.

Is Simplefit is a reasonable method to get big? I've read through numerous posts on the forums about how Simplefit provides a good athletic base, and how I should stick with it over a long period of time to see real results. That's all great. I really do love Simplefit, and have seen a striking improvement in my strength over the past year (e.g., could not do one pull-up previously; now can do several). Plus, I feel better and healthier as a result of combining Simplefit with more natural nutrition. "It's a good thing."

But I've now set my sights on a new goal. I do not just want to stay fit; I'd like to get big.

I am slim now—6', roughly 170 lbs., and just a bit lanky. Since high school, this has been my body, even as I have been more or less athletic throughout the years.

I understand that I may have this body because of my composition or metabolism, or due to a host of other factors, which may predispose me to this body. But now, I'd like to change it. I want to be visibly larger and muscular.

Yes; I'm sure I've been brainwashed by the media to think this is desirable, and I should focus on my actual health instead of my looks, as that is what will determine my happiness later on in life. Rest assured, I will. I like being healthy, I love doing Simplefit, and I will continue to focus on health as the core goal. But, being that I am a full-fledged adult now (27 years old and in my first full-time job), I'd like the look the part.

To be sure, I am certainly not worried about looks in terms of what anyone else thinks—I'm a bit odd, as it is, and in terms of finding a mate, I am a one-woman man since two years ago, and will be from here on out. (How's that for some Millennial optimism?) Maybe I'm a little vain. But I see my brother, who played football in high school and still is quite active today, with what is undoubtedly a strong physique. I want that for myself.

I know that I need to eat more—I'm upping my caloric intake by about 1,000 calories a day to 3,000 (though I'm told I may even need to eat more), with an emphasis on at less 1 g protein for each pound of body weight. But can I just stick with Simplefit and expect to get the results I want?

tl;dr: If I up my calories and continue progressing on Simplefit, will I achieve the Adonis body I want, or must I supplement or replace Simplefit with other workouts?

Thanks for any and all feedback. I appreciate your time.
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Re: Can One "Get Huge" on Simplefit?

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So I have been doing nothing but calisthenics for exclusively for a couple of years now and you can certainly attain that type of body if you haven't already. Key thing is caloric intake. If you are doing the work and putting in the calories the weight will come. I am 5'6 and weight 195lbs now mind you that is not shredded weight. I am just a short stocky Mexican. But, my build is pretty decent and attained from nothing but calisthenics. So good luck.
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