Mark's delusions of physical fitness

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Mark's delusions of physical fitness

Post by marktheconqueror »

Ten years ago, I ran a marathon, was in phenomenal shape, weighed about 165 pounds, had a 32 inch waist, and decent blood pressure. Now I'm 48 years old with a back shot to hell from trying to get muscular doing squats and deadlifts. Last summer, I was probably the strongest I'd been in ages--and then I herniated a disk in my lower back. I had surgery, sat around a lot, and got fat. Now I'm up to 190 and trying to find some way to get back in shape without injuring myself--again. I've tried lots of complicated things to try to get back in shape. I've stayed away from anything I've had to pay money for--why should I pay $90 for Insanity when I can do pushups at home for free? I'm also tired of hearing about how you're wasting your time if you don't lift heavy and do lots of squats and deadlifts. If I could still do them, I would. Since I enjoy walking upright (and walking period), powerlifting is no longer an option for me.

Which brings me to Simplefit. It's free and it doesn't get much less complicated than doing circuits of pushups, pullups and bodyweight squats. Since its bodyweight, there are still complex movements involved, but without the large load compressing the spine.

Which now brings me to where I am and where I want to go.

WHERE I AM: 5'9", 190 lbs. 34.5 inch waist. ~20% body fat.

WHERE I WANT TO GO: 170 lbs., 32 inch waist, 12-15% body fat.

I don't care about getting a six-pack, but it would be nice if it happens. I'm not trying to look like a linebacker, and I've long since let go of any aspirations of cage-fighting or playing middle linebacker for my beloved Baltimore Ravens. I just want to be able to do 20 pullups and 100 pushups non-stop. I also want to survive my fifties without heart trouble, have more energy, and live long enough to see my grandchildren. I'm hoping this will get me there from here.

Today was Day 1, and I started with Level 2, doing 20 rounds in 20 minutes.
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Re: Mark's delusions of physical fitness

Post by CaneCreek »

I have been struggling for the last eleven months to get myself back into shape. I started off at 230lbs last January. I have since dropped to 190 and over the Thanksgiving holiday and the family dinners leading up to Christmas I have gained 5lbs back.
You and I seem to have the same goals, at the same age, and be at the same size. I have been walking, doing push ups, and sit ups. I plan to add pull ups and running to my daily exercise. The one demon that I have holding me back is I smoke. I have got to beat this habit if I plan to meet my goals.
Lets keep up this post with gains and setbacks.

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Re: Mark's delusions of physical fitness

Post by chongtxtx »

I hope you have been keeping up with reaching your goals. I am currently on a quest of my own to drop about 30lbs I am 5'6 about 195lbs I can still run and do pushups and squats and pullups but I feel like this stuff would be so much easier without all the added weight. Keep up the fight.
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