beginner progression - is this achieveable in 6 months?

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beginner progression - is this achieveable in 6 months?

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Hey guys! I am a 20 year old girl from Austria and my dream was always to study abroad one day. I did dance and tumbling for nearly all my life. Yesterday I got the news that I get the opportunity to get a sports scholarship. I need to fullfill some requirements by September. I am very good in tumbling and super flexible but I lack in strength a lot! Many people say it's not possible to gain that much strength and I shouldn't try it cuz it won't work anyway. But I want it sooo much!

In 7 months I need to do:

- 10 deadhang pull-ups (I can do 3 at the moment)
- 12ft. rope climb without feet
- 5 pull-up pullovers
- 20 hanging leg raises form 90 degrees up to the bar (7 at the moment)
- 5 L-hangs to straddle (hope you know what I mean!) (1 at the moment)
- 2 press handstands-->start from straddle hold to handstand! ( I can easy press into a handstand with my shoulders against the wall, I can do a straddle support for about 30 secs and I can do a press handstand with a little jump!)
- 1 pike handstand --> from standing not from L-sit (I can sometimes press into it with my shoulders against a wall)

I have acro training 3 times a week for 2 hours, ballet 1 time a week for 2 hours. I could spend 1 hour training each day at home. I have a pull-up bar at home. I would do arms and legs one one day and abs and core on the other day 5-6 days a week.

Of course I eat healthy, enough protein, get a lot of sleep and avoid alcohol. What do you think - should I give it a try?

Hope someone can help!
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Re: beginner progression - is this achieveable in 6 months?

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Simplefit should not take you more that 10 min a day just make sure the 10 min is all out effort.
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