Alternative pull up progression

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Alternative pull up progression

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I've been struggling with pull ups from a dead hang and have been looking for a simple way to assist the pull up. I see Tara has been successfully using the bands and I have read the page here

I came up with a simple but very effective method if you have a balance ball:

Hang from the pull up bar with the balance ball just in front of you. Adjust the ball with your feet until your heels are resting on the top of the ball. Your torso should be vertical, your hips relaxed and your legs straight so that your body is sort of an "L" shape from the side. Now start your pull ups keeping your hips relaxed. The ball will roll forward a little and roll back again as you complete the pull up.

The idea is for the ball to support some of you leg weight but you are not standing on the ball.

Hope this helps someone.