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Cyclops' Log

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Very first day,

did 18 rounds of day 1 level one, had to call it after about 10 minutes, didn't have any more for the pull-ups, and I want them to catch up to my squats and push-ups (I've done a lot more of those).

I had to jump and do negatives for most of the pull-ups, but the first few I was at least able to get up to bar, though none of them were honest. I can certainly feel it, though!
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Re: Cyclops' Log

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Sounds like you are off to a good start!
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Re: Cyclops' Log

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Good luck, we started @ same week :)
Hope to see u posting here in future
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Re: Cyclops' Log

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Sounds like I was at the beginning. Keep up the hard work on the negatives and you will be doing great in no time.
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