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Level 3, Day 1

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Whew. I need to make sure to eat a better breakfast! I made just 20 rounds without any added squat or pushup set like last week. This time I also went reeeeeeeaaaaaaal slow on the reps, especially the squats. I watched a video on on how to do "air" squats correctly, and the one thing I noticed I don't do is maintain a good lumbar curve throughout the movement. So I paid attention to that today in the mirror, went real slow, and I could really feel it in my abs and obliques. I'm going to invest in a Door Gym and a couple of Therabands this week so I don't have to go to the gym to do this!
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Good job. Going slow might lower your numbers for this workout, but it will surely be better for long-term improvement.

See the door gym posts in the community section for some discussion on suitable models. Although if you have somewhere to mount them, rings are supposed to be even better.
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Rowing on off days

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It's not part of the workout program, but I'm going to start logging my times on the rowing that I do on the off days.

Yesterday's time: 26 min, 3 sec

I'm rowing 5 K with maximum resistance, doing high-intensity interval style: after a 5 minute warm-up at around 30 spm, I sprint for 200 meters (at 40-45 spm at the moment) then bring it down to 30-35 spm for 3 minutes. I continue this until I get to the last 1000 meters, where I sprint for 2 minutes and rest for 2 as well.
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I like rowing a lot as well - although I've just started simplefit and at the moment even the level 1 workouts are too hard on my upper body to row on the off days.

Anyway, I was just reading this thread on the crossfit boards about the damper settings... the guy there suggests that lower levels of resistance are better for you if you're rowing those kinds of distances.

here it is:



[edit: fixed link, came back to find the thread again and found the link doesn't work!]
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So, an old friend visited last week from LA and that's my excuse for not working out all week! I did go on a couple of hikes, though, so that was good. I know, the workouts don't take any longer than 20 minutes at the most, but still! So I'm back this week. I'm also planning on joining the Crossfit affiliate here in SF this week...we'll see.

And thanks for the rowing info! I'll take that to heart when I do that tomorrow.
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