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Simplefit is a fitness program designed for quick weight loss and muscle building, emphasizing the benefits of a supportive community, bodyweight exercises, natural nutrition, and the convenience of home workouts. is a website dedicated to this program. At one point it was very popular, featuring in several articles and blogs, including a massive lift from a Lifehacker article in Dec 2009. This site has undergone a few changes in recent years and is now hosted on Blogger, to honor the effort and passion of the community.

Lose weight fast

Build muscle

  • Circuit Training for approximately 15 minutes, three times a week
  • Fitness plan adjusts to your personal fitness needs
  • Fun workout routines - lose weight fast
  • Eat smarter - burn fat, build muscle

Home fitness

  • Timed circuit training provides excitement and challenge
  • Share your experiences with friends and family
  • Fat burning home exercises - anywhere, any time
  • Details on how simplefit works