What is this site all about?
Simplefit is a fitness program designed for quick weight loss and muscle building, emphasizing the benefits of a supportive community, bodyweight exercises, natural nutrition, and the convenience of home workouts. Simplefit.org is a website dedicated to this program. At one point it was very popular, featuring in several articles and blogs, including a massive lift from a Lifehacker article in Dec 2009. This site has undergone a few changes over the years and is now hosted on Blogger, to honor the effort and passion of the community.

Why is this on Blogger?
Simplefit was hosted on paid servers, either donated by volunteers and/or supported by advertising. The main reason for this was to host the community forums, which used a popular forum open source software. As interest and new posts dwindled in 2022, it no longer made sense to maintain the hosting, and all the maintenance it requires, not to mention the constant pruning of spam accounts. It was decided to transfer the content to a free hosting platform, back up the forum and honor the legacy of simplefit by keeping the content alive and ad free.  

I was a previous community forum user, can I recover my posts?
Maybe... Head to the community page to find more details on where/how to ask for this. Good Luck!

Original FAQ 

What type of scientific data is simplefit based on?
Articles that shaped the simplefit methodology can be found here.

I am not able to do 1 pullup, what should I do?

I do not have a pullup bar?
The only thing you may need for this workout is a pull-up bar.

What can I do to make the workouts more challenging?
To add intensity and challenge try doing push ups and pull ups on a set of rings. 

I do not have a stopwatch?
People have made some great software contributions to the community section of the forum.

What if I have a question that is not here?
Post it.