Ideal Meal

Our bodies respond hormonally to what we eat based on 2.5 millions years of evolutionary programing, once you understand how it works you can use it to your advantage.

Refined carbs will raise insulin telling your body to store fat rather than burn it, but you can program your body hormonally with the food you eat to maximize fat loss.

How to construct your meals and snacks...

Each meal or snack should contain Protein-carbohydrates-fat

1) Protein
Start with some protein (about what will fit in your palm) eg chicken, beef, shrimp, eggs... Protein stimulates glucagon this will cause the release of stored carbohydrate in the liver to keep your brain satisfied, thereby making it easy to control the carbohydrate intake. Furthermore, glucagon depresses insulin secretion, making protein your most powerful tool in controlling insulin levels

2) vegetables with fat
Fat signals your brain to reduce appetite, incoming fat tells your body it is ok to burn fat, fat retards the absorption of carbohydrates preventing insulin from going up. Fiber rich nutrient dense vegetables also have the effect of lowering appetite and the fiber will retard carbohydrate absorption as well.

3) fruit
Fiber/nutrient dense fruit if not eaten in excess is a great way to fill your carbohydrate needs and if eaten after protein and vegetables should not raise insulin.

*Speak to your Dr before changing your diet.